BH240 Cream Filling Machine
January 14, 2021
January 14, 2021

Box Packing Machine

Sachets come from bag filling machine, and go to the lifting machine,make all the bags erect, counter 20 pcs  ,and come to main machine to pack them into boxes.


Boxes cartoner machine / box packing machine

Sachets come from bag filling machine, and go to the lifting machine,make all the bags erect, counter 20 pcs  ,and come to main machine to pack them into boxes.



Boxes magazine



Sachets feeding conveyor

For your case , the sachets will be erect ,stand at the conveyor before pushing into the boxes.

Pushing mechanical arm.

Feeding out .

  1. Sachet comes out of the vertical packing machine

2 . send the Sachets  to a certain height by lifting the conveyor belt

  1. Sachets arrive at the integrated counting mechanism
  2. The counting mechanism completes the integration and integration of a certain quantity.
  3. Push the integrated sachets into the tank chain plate of the boxes.

6.The box completes with 4 flaps locked cover, folding the upper cover ,and feeding out.

  1. The system Including sachets handling mechanism and bottom lock mechanism .

Adjust the boxes size if you do have another sizes.

Screen control picture.


This packing machine is a high-tech machine which integrating light, electricity, air and machine. It is suitable for various products in automatic packing into the boxes .  working process  sucking paper boxes , opened and delivered, push into the paper box; put paper tongue at two sides or locked at bottom.


The machine is  made of high quality stainless steel frame. The innovative design is carried out strictly accord to the GMP standard of the pharmaceutical industry. The transmission part is designed with overload protection function and emergency stop device. The control system adopts man-machine interface video screen to ensure the personal safety of the operator.



Main performance and structure features:


  1. Automatic feeding, opening, pushing, closing and output. The packaging form is compact and reasonable in structure and simple in operation and adjustment;


  1. Adopt servo / stepping motor, touch screen and PLC programmable control system, the display and operation of human-machine interface is more clear and simple, with high degree of automation and humanization;


  1. Adopt photoeye automatic detection and tracking system is used to save packaging materials to the maximum extent;


  1. if boxes are in similar size , convenient adjustment, quick conversion between various specifications and sizes;


  1. It is not necessary to change the mold to change the specification, but only adjust on machine only;


  1. When there is no product ,or the product supply is not in place, the machine will be free run without pushing the product. When the product is restored to supply, it will automatically run. If the product is not put into the box, it will automatically stop and the main drive motor overload protection device will be on, the machine is more safe and reliable;


  1. Automatic display of loading speed and counting:


  1. According to the customer’s requirements, the upturned safety cover can be used, which is easy to operate and beautiful in appearance.


  1. It can realize linkage production with other pillow packing machine, three-dimensional packaging machine, bottle line, filling machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, online weighing instrument, other production lines and other equipment;


10  we can design all kinds of automatic box feeding systems according to the requirements of packaging materials;


option and extra cost


  1. Hot melt glue machine can be selected according to the customer’s requirements to use hot melt glue spray box.











Item Parameter Remark
 Material type
packing speed 30-50 boxes per min

Boxes requirement


Paper requirement 250—400g/m2 It is required that the box surface is flat and can be sucked
Size range L(70-250) x W(60X200) x H(30-120)  (L—W—H)
    Compressed air source pressure ≥0.6MPa
Air consumption 20m3/h
Power Supply 220V—380V   50Hz
Main motor power 1.5kw
Machine dimension LxWxH 3500X1500X1800mm
Net weight of whole machine 1300kg





List of main components

Order Description Model no Made by Qty
2 PLC extension module  CPIW-C1F11 OMRON  JAPAN 1
3 Encoder Machine E6B2   OMRON  JAPAN 1
4 Touch screen          NB7W-TWOOB


5 Inverter           3G3JZ-A4015


6 photoeye            E3ZG-D61-S


7 Electric machinery         CH-1500-10S 1.5KW Zhejiang      1
8 Indexing box         0S83-4L-180    Zhejiang     1
9 Button            XB2    Schneider, France        3
10 Emergency stop            ZB2 BC4D    Schneider, France       1
11 Intermediate relay           LY2M 24V  OMRON  JAPAN    5
12 AC contactor       GML-12   Schneider, France 1
13 Proximity switch         LJ12A3-4-Z1BX   Shanghai      2
14 Machine frame   304 SUS304   Shanghai       1
15  Circuit breaker C32N   Schneider, Germany 1




Ord Description 单位 数量 备注
1、 Boxes packing machine 1
2、 螺丝刀“一字”、“十字” 1
3、 4、5、6、8、10mm内六角扳手       1
4、 14—17mm呆扳手 1
5、 真空吸盘 2
6、 油枪 1
7、 27—30mm呆扳手 2
9、 物料输送坦克链 20
技  术  文  件
1、 产品使用说明书 1