January 15, 2021
All Kinds Of Ramp Can Be Specialized
January 15, 2021

All Kinds Conveyor Specialized


This machine is applicable to connect the other conveyor or other packing machine.


◎Belt conveyor as CAD drawing, feeding speed 5-10 meter per min.

◎The stand frame we use 120x40x15*3mm C steel material

◎Belt conveyor we use food grade PE belt , and Support roller we use dia 6020-15 free roller plated with zink,which is under belt。

◎Sides of Pe belt , with 8*5 guide sticker,  width 1225mm

◎Bearing seat we use UCFL206, Straight guider we use HGW30CC,

◎Motor we use SEW Motor as requested , motor power 0.75kw , rotation motor 0.37kw.

◎Another motor is horizontal moving usage motor 0.4KW.

◎Drive roller dia 120mm, change direction , and tensile roller diameter 100mm.

◎Timing pulleys Synchronous pulley components are gear-shaped pulleys,work with timing belts in motors. their pulling surfaces have teeth around their circumferences. Ridges may be large or fine, designed to grip into timing belts for precise, consistent transfer of high-speed forces.

◎Painting Coated machine , the complete frame material it is carbon steel.



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