January 26, 2021
5545 POF Film Side Sealing Shrink Wrapping Machine +5030 Shrink Tunnel
January 26, 2021





Adopt the newest Vertical Side bagging Driving system on the machine, sensor detective and cut off the film automatically. The packing speed reaches 30-40 pieces per minute, it can pack different sizes of products, including the irregular products.


**Equipped with PLC control system and safety protecting and alarm devices;


**Constant bagging with no need of changing .Easy to operate and maintain;


**The length of shrink film is automatically adjusted by the electric yes and control timer;


**The added horizontal and vertical electric eyes provide options for switch over. It’s suitable for bagging long or square products;


**Imported parts are adopted to ensure the machine’s stable running with high speed.


**With the design of side bagging, the packing length of products is unlimited.


**The bagging height can be adjusted based on the product height.


**Widely used in all kinds of products with different sizes and shapes


**The machine is applicable to industries like food, gift, hardware, daily necessities, pharmacy, printing, etc.


Technical parameters

Model YK750A
Power Supply 220/50-60HZ
Use power 5-7
power 1.35KW
Packaging speed 10 bags / min,max
Maximum package size L Unlimited
Maximum package size W < 500mm (H250mm)
Cutting size Unlimited*650
Machine size 2250x1050x1450mm  (about size not exact)
Weight 400kg
Application of shrinkage film POF . PE


Touchable screen control, full in english showes


²   PLC                             DELTA        Taiwan

²   SCREEN CONTROLLER             Wenview      Taiwan

²   ROTATION AC Drive                    (DELTA)         Taiwan

²   FILM APPLICATOR  AC Drive           DELTA        Taiwan

²   UP AND DOWN  AC Drive                   (DELTA)         Taiwan

 ²   PRESTRETCH  AC Drive                       (DELTA)         Taiwan


²   PHOTOELECTRIC SWITCH                   P+F      Germany

²   PROXIMITY SWITCH            YANGMING        Taiwan

²  UP AND DOWN MOTOR                    CPG        Taiwan

²   MAIN ROTATE MOTOR                    HW        China

²  FILM APPLICATOR MOTOR                  HW        CHINA

²   PRESTRETCH MOTR                    HW        CHINA

²   CYLINDER                             SNS          (Taiwan)

²   VALVE                          SNS          (Taiwan)

²  BROKER                            SCHNEIDER      FRANCE

²  CONNECTOR                             (SCHNEIDER)       FRANCE

²  MAIN BUTTON                         (SCHNEIDER)       FRANCE

²  OTHER PARTS REQUEST                          



SM7050M     Auto shrink tunnel machine


Technical Specification

  • SM-7050M model use imported double wind motor, enable the air spread homogenized in the oven, the appearance after shrink is more beautiful.


  • The hot air flow circulation is adjustable in the oven, it is more energy saving.


  • Using sincere rod wrapped with imported silica gel tube, chain conveyor is more wear well


  • inverter control the conveyor speed, realize the stepless speed adjusting.


  • super wind cooling system to cool down and finalize the shape after shrink the product. ※ The down stream can fit Al roller platform, the product after packed could not falling to the floor.


  • imported general power stopper with quality ensure


  • conveyor is controlled by imported inverter, stepless speed adjust


  • two sides of the oven has insulation plate and heating proof protection


  • imported heat insulation shade, large reduce the heating loss.


  • with normal and sealed shaft option, no position moving even for packing small goods.


  • with foot bolt can fit for different height of production line.


  • s. heater with quick temperature rise and long life of 5~10 years.


  • warm gear box and big power motor to ensure the conveyor stable, without vibrating.


  • the foot wheel enable the machine move free.


  • special designed air path system, the product is heating homogenously.


  • internal plate of the oven use adjustable air hole, can adjust the cooling air fan at defined part according to the shrink requirement


suitable scope


Applicable for the cans, glass bottle, bear bottle, mineral water etc, large quantities of auto shrink packing goods, at same time suitable for the wood, steel, porcelain, household electrical facility, PC etc. industry. Special design for the PE shrink pack for big heavy goods, the conveyor can be designed as roller type, Teflon net or s.s. conveyor net according to user’s demand. Big shrink pack can be shrinked in short time. The appearance of the pack after shrink is tidy, tighten, easy to palletize, ensure the product quality and long distance transportation. Suitable for PE,PVC etc. multiple shrink



Quality is our life, credit is our life, creativity is our treasure


Model SM7050M  Shrinking tunnel
Max packing dimension(mm) Length620*Width 470* Height120
Minium packing size Length 550*Width 450* Height120
Packing Speed 6-10 pcs /min
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Rated Power 21.6KW
Sealing time/Shrink  
Width/Thickness of the Film  
Dimension L2200×W950×H1580mm
Gross weight 300KG
Shrink film PE POF