January 27, 2021
BTH-700+BM-700L Fully-Auto Side Sealer & Shrink Tunnel
January 27, 2021

6540+1800 Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine For Door Window

Sleeve sealing machine and shrink tunnel   6540 +1800 k0

 Technical parameter
1. Machine composition:

Based on the PE heat shrink packing machine,design for door window or board, glass and other plate ,increase the capacity of the shrinkage tunnel and provide more high power transmission motor, thus having higher bearing capacity. high-power internal circulation fans are used to make the shrinkage tunnel have more uniform and sufficient internal circulation hot air, thus ensuring the shrinkage packaging of larger items.

This machine adopts electronic speed regulation motor, the speed adjustment range is large. The heat shrinkage tunnel adopts the fully enclosed hot air internal circulation device, the product shrinkage packing effect is good. The equipment is novel and beautiful, easy to operate and maintain.

The conveyor is beside each machine, so , the complete height around 8 meter.


◎This machine is usable for Products: table board, table feet

Product size: width 40 – 800 mm, height 40 – 250 mm, length 200 – 1800 mm. Maximum weight 5 kg

Cover with sleeve type .

Adopts world advance components, stable and durable.

Sealing cutter is specially designed, Sealing line is firm, without cracking, and without sticking to the knife;

Automatic feeding, item , product pushing, film feeding and sealing;

Non-polar mechanical speed adjustment, adjust speed of feeding conveyor;

It can package several pack with pack according to requirement. It can replace the packing way via changeover switch on control panple;

Operation is easy and simple. It only takes 2-3 minutes to change different type;

According to different bottle shape, design automatic feeding device;

Direction of feeding conveyor can be based on customer needs, to be left or right feeding;

heat joint cutter

before feed into film cover , there is one stop arm compressed the top board.

Technical parameter
Model 6540
Packing speed 1-2 pcs /min
Packing size( W+H )  Customize
Cutter size/ tunnel size 1000mm
Power 2 KW
Power supply 3∮,220/380V, 50/60Hz
Max current 10A
Air pressure 6 kg/cm³
Machine size L4800×W1120×H1850mm
Machine weight 355kg


Model  1800
Power supply AC 380V /50  Hz
Power (kw) 40KW
Tunnel size (mm) 2000×1200×1000
Load 100 kg max
Working pressure (kg/ cm2)
Overall dimension (L × w × h) (mm)  2500×1500×1800
Net weight (kg) 200kg
Packing speed 1-2 packs per min. Max