January 26, 2021
January 27, 2021

5545 POF Film Side Sealing Shrink Wrapping Machine +5030 Shrink Tunnel

5545 POF film Side Sealing Shrink Wrapping Machine +5030 shrink tunnel



 Technical parameter of  5545


Model 5545
Packing size L Unlimited  W+H420mm  H150mm
Your wallpaper size Length 540-750 x width 65-150xheight 65-150
Packing speed


Depend to products 0-30pcs/min,

big size rolls or box, speed down

Net weight 250kg
Power 3KW
Power supply 3 phase  380V   50/60Hz
Max current 10A
Machine dimension L1675*W900*H1536mm
Table height 800-830mm
Belt size front:2010*375*1.5,back:1830*390*1.5
Belt speed 24M/min

 Technical parameter of 5030LW

MODEL                      5030LW
Machine dimension L × w × H (mm) 1900×900×1500
Shrink tunnel inside size L × w × H (mm) 1200×500×300
Maximum package height H < 150
Packing speed (PCS / min) 0-15M
Belt feeding speed (M / min) 420
Net weight (kg) 18
Power (kw) 3PH 380V 50Hz
External air source (kg / cm2) POF

While ordered, we will mark these in English, so you can understand the machine easily.

Specialized machine picture for refer, and the offer is for all kinds of small roll wallpapers like as following

   Experience in our packaging history with this kind of machine.



◎This machine is usable for above products in the pictures and other lone product , the height under 150mm .

  Important features Of this machine
◎1.Spare parts making stickly according to the high precision processing design and safety use.

◎2. PLC control system, Advanced control system program, high precision.

◎3.Using new style machine head (patent design),convenient to adjust different sizes in the range ,Change different size easily,good stability.

◎4. Main parts used imported brand,increase stablitily and durable of machine

◎5.Strickly according to your requirement,including material

◎6. Synchronous wheel is integrately formed, stable and durable

◎7. High strength integrated forming sealing cutter, more stronger after sealing &welding, thin and beautiful sealing line.

◎8.Adopt side sealing cutter system

◎9.Brake motor are used for front and back convyeor feeding  to prevent the product from rushing forward due to inertia of belt stopped。

◎10. Advanced waste film recovery system

◎11. Human interface control, easy to operate and understand.

◎12.The machine has quantity counting and memory function


5545 Machine Characteristic
Parts Details Instruction
 Power Supply/Power 3 Ph 380V     50/60Hz     3kw

Sealing and Welding System

Heat source Adopt stainless steel heating tube, long service life.
Seal and weld cutter  Adopt anti-glued high-temperature sealing cutter, one-body molding, sealing more solid and beautiful, cutter plated and covered with Teflon ,so, the cutter was not sticky with film and clean,make longer time working for machine .
Temperature control of seal & weld cutter Use OMRON (JAPAN) Digital temperature controller and imported thermal induction control, temperature 0-300 ` C adjustable.
Sealing dimension Through electric drive Adjusting the height of seal cutter

Cutter size :500MM

Max package size;L no limit,W +H 420mm   H 150mm

 Seal Cutter Protection adopt American Bonner protection,Effectively prevent from mistake-package
Drive system Taiwan’s Xinkong cylinder vertical drive control cross seal cutter

Make sure the seal is firm and smooth.

Slide JapanTHK brand to make sure cutter run stable
Side Seal System Use Taiwan’s Xinkong cylinder to make sure bag sealed stronger and corrective

Feeding Conveyor

Belt PU Conveyor belt
Motor Manly Power motor to ensure film delivered smoothly
sensors adopt American Bonner photoeyes,detection product deliver and stop Accurately & sensitively

Recovery system

Motor Manly Power motor to ensure recycle film en-rolled smoothly
Detect switch  by using Mingzhi Taiwan Accurately to Control of Waste Recycling Time

Film Delivery &Feeding System

Motor Manly Power motor to ensure film delivered smoothly
Detect switch Use Sick Sensor, help the machine to control the film feeding length corrective.
 Contactors  SCHNEIDER France
Intermediate relay HEQUAN (JAPAN)
Touch screen  Mcgs Screen, 7 inch, Colorful
Thermostats control OMRON (JAPAN)
 Emergency switch HEQUAN (JAPAN)
Perforator Of Parallel holes  Perforator of Multi Parallel holes to do

shrink quickly and Expel air out of the bag

 Institutional materials Carbon steel coated paint, key parts are made of stainless steel plate and aluminum profile to ensure the structure firmly and stronger
Packing speed (1-30 pcs per min)Variable speed depends on products size
Air pressure 6~8KG/cm2
 Surface treatment  Surface spray or nickel plating on corrosion resistant structural materials