January 20, 2021
3600F Pallet Wrapping Machine//Stretch Wrapping Machine +Roller Conveyor
January 20, 2021

2002 Robot Pallet Wrapping Machine/STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINE

Robot pallet wrapping machine

Wraps loads of any length & width with no max weight limitation

Pallet-to-pallet powered portability, for instance when the loads are too un-stable to be transported

Can stretch wrap loads at multiple locations (ideal for operations at dock area) saving time and money

Built-in battery charger, Battery powered at 24 Volts.

200 – 300 loads autonomy (depending on load configuration)

Flexibility in wrapping parameters settings

Rugged Heavy Duty System for maximum reliability

Safety Bumper preventing any risk of Injury

Practical and easy to use further to being sturdy and safe


Performance & Technical parameter

– Automatic cut the film

– Mast with working height H=2,200 mm (Max.)

– Double guiding unit with opposed wheels

– Guiding unit with 390 mm. diameter wheel

– Remote control to adjust some work parameters even when machine is in operation.


– Bottom wraps of the pallet
– Top wraps of the pallet
– Rotating speed
– Spool carriage upward speed
– Spool carriage downward speed
– Film pre-stretch ratio
– Film deposit force onto the load
– Photocell sensing delay
– Height of reinforcing rounds from ground level
– Height from ground level of operating cycle start


– Full wrapping cycle: upward/downward
– Individual cycle: only upward and/or only downward
– Top sheet cycle
– Reinforcing wraps cycle
– Operating cycle with preset height from ground level
– Photocell exclusion cycle (height sensing by altimeter)
– 4 wrapping cycles can be memorized by adequately combining the different parameters

– Synoptic display for faults warning
– Film breakage and spool end warning (option)
– Keyboard blockage
– Data input
– Buttons +/-
– Display reading: functions/cycles/parameters
– Battery check display
-Data output: cycle counter, hours of operation.