January 20, 2021
January 20, 2021

2000FZ-PL-SSS PALLET WRAPPING MACHINE/Stretch Wrapping Machine

2000FZ-PL – SSS chain drive wrapping machine Installation cost is by buyer (flight charges, etc) OR The buyer can learn in the seller factory.                                                                  

One year warrantee

If you choose AB PLC ,The price of it is the same.

turntable rotate bearing driving by big motor .

Film hold & clamp  film pres stretch carriage. film cutter and  heater sealing double tank chain drive at two side conveyor











This is film clamp , ready for next pallet , stick the film when start to wrap the pallet.


Improved with touchable screen as following

Technical Parameter for YK2000FZ-PL  – SSS


Max load size(mm): 500-1220 mm(L)*500-1220 mm (W) *2500mm(H)
Turntable diameter: 2000 mm
Turntable Height:600-700 mm
Turntable weight capacity:1500kg
Packing Height: 2500mm(max) tailored on needs
Machine weight: 1400kg
Electrics: 220V 50HZ 1Phase
Turntable speed: 1-12rpm
Air : 0.4-0.6 MPA

Control System

– SIMENS PLC Programmable Logic Controller
– Separate Carriage Up-Down Speed Control
– Auto-Height Load Height Sensing
– Electronic Film Tension Control
– Conveyor Jog (for each conveyor)
– Dust-tight Precious Metal Slip-ring for long reliable service
– Additional Controls may be required

Table Drive &Support
– 0-15 RPM Variable Table Speed (Higher Speeds Available Where Required)
– Adjustable Soft-Start Soft Stop
– Table Fully fenced for Greater Personnel Safety

Turntable Conveyor
     – Heavy structural steel Frame construction
– Heavy duty Bearing chain drive Support
– Soft-Start, Soft-Stop
In-feed/Out-feed Conveyor Sections(optional, by separately)
     – Heavy Structural steel Frame construction
– Heavy duty bearing roller support
– All Chain driven
– Heavy Duty Conveyor Guards
– Adjustable Leg Height
– Different Roller Diameters and Roller Spacing Available for a variety of applications
– Photo-eye Pallet Sensing and sequencing

Film Delivery System
– Powered pre-stretch system up to 200% to min film consumption
– Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film
– Film delivery variable speed by separate DC Drive Motor
– Film dancer-bar with variable speed output
– Pre stretch Rate Set to Customers Requirements (200% Std)
Film Carriage Drive
– Two Heavy Duty ANSI #50 Chain Lifts (2)
– Programmable 3/4″ HP Variable Speed AC Drive Motor
– AC Motor Control Board
– UHMW-PE Glides on 3/8″ CRS Ways (No Maintenance Lifetime Warranty)


No      Name         Specification     Manufacture
1  PLC Simens Germany
2 Inverter                Simens Germany


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