January 19, 2021
January 20, 2021


2000FR-PL-DM  Rotating Arm Wrapping Machine

Technical agreement

Top rotary motor driving system.



Top rotary motor driving system.


The green color which marks the diameter of tracking the film thread,

So ,conveyor under the machine ,  must be 4 meters lone, other wise , the comming pallet on the feeding in conveyor will be damaged.



A Fewer parts we sent in a wooden box together,such as hot wire, hot press, bake-lite, aluminum sheet and high-temperature adhesive tape, and instructions.



Rotate Arm Rotating System:

Rotating arm variable speed of running adjustable in 6~15 laps / minutes.

Rotate Arm Rotating System will come back to be reset automatically .

Rotate Arm Rotating safety System if it touch the none -pallet, it stops automatically .

Assemble and un-assemble work of Rotate Arm Wrapping Machine is fast and easily.

Rotate Arm Rotating System can be folded half while transportation.

Rotate Arm Rotating System integral revolving support structure.

Rotate Arm Rotating System is equipped with an integral anti-falling protection device to prevent Rotate Arm Rotating System falling off and falling down.



The model is one of best solutions to boost your end packaging efficiency by eliminating the need for operator manually attach the film tail to the load, then cut tail at the end of cycle. Used in large scales modernize manufacturing, such as in food, drink, glass wares, hardware, electric appliance, paper, chemical, construction and other relevant industries.  It would wrap package, which is too heavy or too light, auto accomplish the goods input and output sensing, packing and conveying.


film thread  ilm cut / heating system with film tail brush

Top sheet dispenser  





supporting 4-legged and fold able when dispatch and send into container


The top sheet film applicator can be uninstall while packing the machine before shipping

Packaging status
Loading into container




Technical Parameter:

(L*W)Wrapping Size 1200mm*1200mm ×1800mm
Wrapping Height 1800 mm
Conveyor height Standard 500mm
Working Capability 30 pallets / hour for rotary arm wrapping machine only , if we need to cover the film sheet on the top pallet, 25-30 pallets per hour max
Rotary Speed 0-18 rpm, speed controlled by inverter adjustable, arm with brake 
Loadable Weight Max 2500Kg
Film Carriage System Pre-stretch film, automatically convey the film & cut ,Film Stretch Rate up to 200-250%
Pneumatic system 0.6-1.0Mpa, 1000ml/min.
Up-Down Mast Double chains device
Control System PLC control, with self induction system, layers and speed adjustable
Power/Voltage 1.9kw/AC220v
Weight/ Dimension 3000Kg   Estimated 4060mm*2100mm*3520mm,
Film Roll diameter 220 mm Max.
Core Diameter 76.2 mm
Film Code Thickness17-35 µm, width 500mm




Machine Performance:

Self-supporting 4-legged model

Quiet operation

Counterweighted rotary arm

25” ring gear bearing drive/support

AC variable frequency drives and motors for safe, reliable performance and minimal maintenance

Powered pre-stretch carriage with 250-300% pre-stretch

Rotary arm speed up to 20 RPM

Oversize load flexibility

Unlimited load weight capacity

Control system

* PLC control, wrapper layers and speed adjustable
*Separate top, bottom & up-down Wrap Counter options
*Over-wrap time is up to your option on the panel
*Reinforce wrap times is up to your choice, 2 loads placed on top /bottom

*Film Tension Control adjustment on the panel
*Separate start, pause and emergency stop buttons
*automatically carriage up/down
* Photoelectric Switch, induce the height of package itself

*Extremely chosen electric parts, high performance

*Quiet operation


Quick installation:

Four legs are fixed in the middle ,it is foldable and in locking which fixed with nuts. As long as the forklift truck lifts the top frame, it locks the snails quickly and strong enough. .

The rocker arm is foldable. When it is dismantling and assembling, it only needs to release the mounting nut and fold the rocker arm column to fix it.

The film covering device adopts quick dis-assembly and assembly. After removing the nut, it can quickly fold and fix the top rack to the rocker arm.



Film carriage system
*Powered pre-stretch system up to 250% to lower film consumption
*Film delivery variable speed by separate AC Drive Motor
*Electronic film tension control adjustment on panel
*Film dancer-bar with variable speed output,

*Automatically carriage up/down

*Rotary arm stop by safety bumper and reflection photo eye sensing while working


Film carriage Drive
*Heavy duty double-chain carriage lift, safety, effortless
*Film carriage variable speed by frequency changer

*Works under 0.23kw motor with reduction gearbox


 In-feed/Out-feed Conveyor Sections (optional, by separately)
* Heavy Structural steel Frame construction
* Heavy duty bearing roller support
* All rollers driven
* Heavy Duty Conveyor Guards
* Adjustable Leg Height
* Different Roller Diameters and Roller Spacing Available for a variety of applications
* Photo-eye Pallet Sensing and sequencing


Delivery system

*May adopts rollers, belts, and chains as deliving media.

*With highlighted flash light warning and protect input – output package


Film Cutting System System:

The heating wire was used to break the film.

After the film is broken, the tail of the thermal fusion membrane is used without leaving the tail.

Before the film Cutting System , the film clamping mechanism will first pull the winding film down to about 200mm, so that the film will be more firm and beautiful.

Blowing device: when the package is started, the tail held by the clamping mechanism will release. At this time, the blowing device starts and the film tail can be blown.

Then wrap the wrap around the tail without wrapping the tail film.

When the winding film is broken or no film in the packaging process, it will stop automatically and alarm.►Rotary Arm Parts, Motor Frequency Conversion With Brake.

   Safety protection system:

Installed one pair safety raster to the inlet and outlet, and the machine will be suspended stopped when someone breaks in.

A safety threshold is installed on the protection net, and the machine does not move when the safety door is opened.

Equipped with safety ring (photoelectric switch reflector) on the rotary arm, the machine will stop automatically when the screw arm bump into people or objects.

Ensure safety.

when switch to the online automatic operation mode, the alarm is added before the rotary arm is moved to remind the surrounding people to pay attention.

Reducer Model:     SF57DM80S4-BMG/HF

Rotary arm run speed:   n=10-18rpm(variable)

Rotary arm with guide device。

Double ends of arm with solid limitation and mobile limitation

►Film carriage part

Adopts double guide-track drive device, runs stably, and reliability

Film carriage up and down drive

Reducer model: worm wheel cam reducer,

►Bracket parts

Bracket made of square tube structural with drive device.

Arm is settled down under bearing

►Equipment disposed

Sprocket                             45#(thermal treatment)

Principal Axis                         45#(mix treatment)

Bracket                              Q235-A

Film dispenser system ( pallet covering machine )

Film width 1600-1700mm


²  pallet covering machine uses with liner automatic pallet wrapping machine primarily in order to output the max efficiency in the pallet wrapping works.

²  The machine is optional to work with automatic and semi-automatic shrinking machine by connection operation, need one or two group of I / O .

²  Touchable electric control panel: the machine running conditions showed on LED display , and the establishment of self-testing of all switches and lights are good ones (optional)

²  Fault detection and buzzer notification system: with internal control panel has a fault detection. Display fault function and buzzer to inform the design of fault (optional)


²   Buzzer notification system inform to re-install the film roll: When the film runs out, the buzzer  informs and the machine automatically shut down, very fast and convenient to replace the film roll


²  Detection & communication systems: when working  both these two machine will report status to each other, and simultaneously displayed on control panel, facilitate to understand of both.


²  Safety First: Misoperation Design: When the operator of improper operation or incorrect action, the machine will not accept orders and to inform the error beep warning action, so as to avoid personal injury or mechanical failures


Main parts:

          Gear box with reduction: CPG (Taiwan)


          Scale sensor (detection)  Wanzong  (Shanghai)


          Extra 2.5 meter powered conveyor and ac., roller dia.76mm



Touchable screen control, full in english showes

  ►Main Electric


²   PLC                               (Siemens)          (Germany)

²   SCREEN CONTROLLER             (Wenview)       (China.Taiwan)

²   ROTATION AC Drive                    (Siemens)          (Germany)

²   FILM APPLICATOR  AC Drive           (Siemens)          (Germany)

²   UP AND DOWN  AC Drive             (Siemens)          (Germany)

²   PRESTRETCH  AC Drive             (Siemens)          (Germany)


²   PHOTOELECTRIC SWITCH                   (P+F)      (Germany)

²   PROXIMITY SWITCH            (YANGMING)        (China.Taiwan)

²  UP AND DOWN MOTOR                    (DELI)        (China.Taiwan)

²   MAIN ROTATE MOTOR                    (CPG)        (China.Taiwan)

²  FILM APPLICATOR MOTOR                  (ZD)         (CHINA)

²   PRESTRETCH MOTR                    (ZD)           (CHINA)

²   CYLINDER                             (SNS)          (China.Taiwan)

²   VALVE                          (SNS)                 (China.Taiwan)

²  BROKER                                 (SCHNEIDER)      (FRANCE)

²  CONNECTOR                             (SCHNEIDER)    (FRANCE)

²  MAIN BUTTON                         (SCHNEIDER)       (FRANCE)



Widely used in world wide.


 Our Company



Our Certificate:


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By the way

If you think the packing speed is too lower you can take following machine

It is fast , about 60 pallets per hour , but cant equiped with film top sheet. Top sheet in front of this machine


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