ZK100 Filling Machine
January 14, 2021
Labeling Machine With Double Sides Sticking Heads
January 14, 2021

SHL-1520 Round Bottle Labeling Machine



Suitable for bottle:out diameter 15-80mm,height 25-150mm(can be customised)

Sutable for label:height 18-260mm,length 20-400mm

Suitable for round bottle wrap around labeling with single label.Also can for square bottle by little change.



This machine can be applied for round bottle with wrap around labeling or half round labeling.

Labeling tension system ensure the it steady and fast label feeding,keep high precision

Rolling sponge wheels installed applied in bottle seaprate station with function of stepless speed adjusting.Bottles distance can be set.

Sychronous positioning mechanisim of label guarantee the error ±1mm.

MCU operation pannel,any problem can be displayed and guide to solve,easy operation ,people with any level can use it.

E-stop button installed,keep the production smooth.

The distance of label tearing out can be set on the MCU,easy operation.


Control System:

Our labeling machine uses 5 phase steping motor.


Bottle feeding—Separating—Transporting—Labeling—Finished products

Technical Parameter:

Electric Voltage:    AC220V  50/60HZ  1Phase

Power:          0.75KW

Labeling Speed:   0-150 bottles/min(depend on the length of the label)

Labeling Precision:   ±1mm

Container’s range:     Diameter 20-110mm  Height 30-200mm

Label’s range:        Height 20-120mm   Length 20-300mm

Max.label roll:          Diam 380mm   inside diam 76mm

Sticker Label Parameter::

Body paper:Use 62g glassine paper.

Basic weight:  62g/㎡±5%    Thickness:55μm±5%

Anti-tensile strength: Machine direction: 16kg/25mm

Cross: 7kg/25mm

Anti-tearing: Machine direction:25g/pcs


Transparence: 52%

Labels distance: 3-4mm±0.2mm

Edge distance between label and body paper

Main components list


No. Item Manufacture    Model Qty Remark
1 Stepper Motor Yameike 85BYGH450B 1
2 Driver Yameike 2BH06M200 1
3 Controller MTBZKZ 1
4 Voltage transformer Changzhou Hengda HDB-200 2
5 Bottle inspection sensor Korea Autonics BF3RX 2
6 Label inspection sensor Korea Autonics BF3RX 2
7 Feeding motor wenzhoudongli YSJ400W-4P 1
8 Label press motor wenzhoudongli YN90-90W 1
9 Power Taiwan Meanwell S-75-24 1
10 Stainless steel SUS304
11 Aluminium L2
12 Printer Shanghai HD-300 Option3000
13 Touch screen Weinview MT6056I 1 Option
14 PLC Panasonic FP-X0L30R 1 Option