heat sealing machine

Heat sealing machine or bag inserter and sealing machine is quite valuable in the industrial world. Rather than using glues, tapes, or other methods of bonding, several industries are going towards heat sealing technology.

Automated sealing machines are designed to seal multiple thermoplastic materials like polyethylene, polyurethane, polyvinylchloride, polypropylene, and other materials such as foil, ribbon, and nylon.

The automated carton sealer can be adjusted as per need with different angles. The speed of the sealers’ conveyor belts is adjustable to various sorts of thicknesses.

Features of a Sealing Machine

The machine has a lot of features including

  • Power switch,
  • A temperature control system,
  • A speed regulator fan,
  • A printing wheel, etc.

They are offered in horizontal or vertical models that incorporate sealing, color printing, continuous transmission of products with bright and clean patterns, color selectors, and different technical specs.

Carton Packaging Machine

Carton packaging is used for different types of products such as textile, general merchandise, appliances, pharmaceutical products, and many more. Also, there is a range of precision and high-speed sealing machines which can accommodate different specifications, sizes, and shapes.

You can pick the pneumatically operated L-sealers offered by the carton sealing machine manufacturer for higher output. These easy-to-install sealing machines are quite a in demand due to their

  • superior performance,
  • ease in operation, and
  • durability

Types of Sealing Machine

There are two kinds of sealing machines. You have either:

  • the rotary heat sealer or
  • the dielectric or radiofrequency sealer

The radiofrequency or dielectric sealing method has been around for several years. In this process, a timed pulse of radiofrequency energy provides heat to the fabric between the die and base plate for bonding and fusion.

Why Rotary Heat Sealer is Popular

The rotary heat sealing machine is among the widely used and popular sealing technology today; used by several industries. It does not require any tooling or die aside from the need for drive wheel widths and an appropriate nozzle.

It is quite faster to seal products for several products than dielectric sealing. Its speed generates up to 6 meters or 20 feet per minute for a range of seam patterns and types.

To know the full potential of this method, you need to allow enough time for the operator to develop the skills required to function in this system.

Also, you can allow the operator to take in-depth training when it comes to hot air welding and rotary wedge techniques.

Last Word

In selecting your top-of-the-line automatic heat sealing machines, you need to search for a bag inserter and sealing machine supplier who has a track record of reliable and durable machines.

Flawless training to operators is a must. You need to make sure that you provide the appropriate technical support, get sufficient warranty and parts when you need them. A heat sealing machine can enhance your business operations if you invest in the right one!

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